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Thread: doing some housekeeping on my Korg

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    Exclamation doing some housekeeping on my Korg

    just wanted to remind everyone who still uses their D1600MKII's (yeah there might be one or two of us left... ) to back up your work as often as possible ...these machines as wonderfully dependable as they are , are getting old and you know a crashed HD is gonna happen sometime. i found myself (due to sheer laziness on my part) w/ upwards of 40 projects on my machine and none backed up so now I'm faced w/ the task of spending the better part of the day backing up all this stuff ....but it's still better than losing months of work .....backing up is a bit of a pain but nothing compared to the pain of losing all your work....forever! So again i say "back up often folks "...that's what Bill and Ron would tell ya and it's the truth.
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    That's good advice Chris! Actually applies to all platforms. I need to back up some recent projects on my PC. Thanks for the reminder.
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    It was good to see your post Chris...reminded me of my days on the D1600...also great to see you're still gigging playing folk rock...
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    Absolutely. My advice, too, is---only use Backup One. Get one song on 1 CD. One bad CD in Backup All and you lose all.
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    I used to export the raw tracks and mixes to WAV files too. That way I'll have usable versions for when the korg dies or is sold even though I wouldn't have the mix settings. Actually I used to print the effects a lot so it wouldn't be a big deal for me.

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    Early on I took Billy's advice, and have been saving each song project to a single CD. I have never tried backing up via USB, which I presume would place those backup files on to my pc. I'm just wondering, is there any benefit to one backup method over the other?

    Mike, since these backup files are "Korg specific", exporting every raw track as a wav file to a pc makes the most sense for future access using a DAW...but at this point in my life, with barely enough time to do a new project, I have no intention to ever revisit old songs to do a remix. Once the mix is finished, and saved to a pc (as well as a couple of external USB devices), I'm done with it.

    Chris makes a good point...our Korg machines are old, and won't last forever. That's why I will continue to do song backups throughout the recording if the HD does go in the middle of a project, I will hopefully be able to replace it, and restore from the backup. Again, in this scenario, would it be better to do song backups to the USD partition, and export them to a pc (in case something happens to the internal CD drive)?
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