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Thread: New to Logic -- but holding on to my Korg D1200

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    Default New to Logic -- but holding on to my Korg D1200

    Hi all -- I finally broke down and got a MacBook and Logic Pro X. My Korg D-1200 still works and I get some great sounds out of it.

    This forum helped me become competent with the Korg, hopefully I'll have the same luck with Logic.

    First question: Logic has all of these drum sounds. Does it have a basic "boom-chick-boom" beat? A quarter of the stuff that all I need.

    Thanks everyone! -- Michael

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    Default Re: New to Logic -- but holding on to my Korg D1200

    Hi, I moved fom a D1200 (and a D1600) to sonar and then Logic and love it !
    My first inclination was to record a click track using a drum machine either as a midi or audio track and that kinda worked however with a little tinkering, I figured out how to use the built in metronome which allows me to then tinker with the built in drummer app to get the exact sound I want. If that doesn't work ... It's back to midi loops with the drum machine or... Failing that .. Real drums ! From what I've seen the built in plugins that ship with logic are quite cool however with most things, tinkering to customise and get exactly the sound you want is the key !

    Good luck and have fun mate !
    MacPro; Logic 10.1; MOTU 828x

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