Hello All,
I purchased this unit because I simply wanted to create tracks to import (via USB) to my computer whereby I can mix them down with the Sony Acid Pro 7. I have better features for creating masters with the Sony program than what the Tascam has to offer.
Originally, I owned a KorgD888 and had no problem.I was able to drag and drop each track (up to eight) into the Sony interface workplace and apply effects, EQ, compression etc. If I recorded 3 vocals, 2 guitars and 1 percussion ( 3+2+1=5 distinct tracks) to work with, I could apply them to the work area and then mix down to a finished mp3 or .wav file.
I've been trying to get the hang of how this DP-32 works and it's mind-boggling. Example: My first test run was Track #1 had a rhythm guitar. Track # 2 was a lead guitar. Simple, right? No! After I recorded the two tracks I imported the song over to my computer and opened up the Sony program. I found there to be not only (2) 00077_1.wav files (and associated system files like "0007_1.sfk) which is normal BUT also 4 other .wav tracks with no data! Why is the unit creating data tracks that have no use in mixdown?
Lastly, my friends came over and we had 6 simultaneous tracks recording at the same time. Each guitar and vocal had their own separate track but when I went to transfer them to my PC, there were several of these weird empty tracks plus a lot of fragmented wav files. Does anyone own one of these units and tried to do something similar?