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Thread: D16 Update Problem

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    I have had my D16 since 2001 but it was rarely used and is mint. I moved to France 4 years ago from the UK and recently decided to get back into music and recording again.

    A good friend of mine is from the French island of Reunion, and keen to keep the musical traditions going with his band, so writing some new material.

    I dug the D16 out of its box and the hard drive failed to initialise. Not surprising, I guess, 13 years later. I replaced the drive with a small 20 gig and it initialised without any problem.

    I updated the system to 2.01 with a SCSI external without too much of a problem. Created a backup of the songs we had put together, generally to check the drive is functioning correctly which it is.

    Can I get it to update to v3 or v3.12 ?? No, it will just not have it. All goes well, the D16 sees the drive as "G", sees there is a CD in it and it reports "loading" (the system). That is as far as it gets. I've tried everything, will some help from Billy. 12 coasters down the line, different makes of CD, different writing software, CD's, CD-RW's. Every time it has been burnt true ISO 9660.
    V 2.01 worked, why won't V 3.0 or V3.12

    Just to re-check the V 2.01 CD, I reinstalled that and again no problem.

    I have used 2 different PC's with writers, Used the SCSI writer with it's PCMCIA card in an old laptop. I have even tried renaming the v3 files to 2.01, just for the sheer hell of it.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again in anticipation

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    Finally sorted it out !!!!

    I got hold of an old SCSI Zip Drive, without anything, fabricated a power supply and a cable and Bingo.................


    Kind regards to all


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    Default Re: D16 Update Problem

    Congratulations! Hope you can get many more years of enjoyment from your D16!
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    Default Re: D16 Update Problem

    I'm so relieved, Phil---WELL DONE!!
    Billy E

    May the Force be with you

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    Thanks Billy.

    Just received your e-mail regarding Studiotrax. Will join you on Facebook

    Kind regards


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