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Thread: Slicing Loops In Adobe Audition cs6

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    Greetings all, does anyone know of a quicker way to slice/chop samples in CS6?
    My current method was rough highlight my section and then copy that section and move to the next. Then I would batch process all the chops. Seems to me that there should be an easier way. Maby I'm missing something. Is it possible to do some auto transients, to help with the process? As technical as the program is, seems like it should be able to handle the task with no problems.

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    Hey Mainframe, and Welcome...

    I'm not super familar with Audition (OK, not familar at all), although I have a friend that works with it and could ask him.

    But just for better advice in general, can you explain a bit more specifically what it is that you're trying to do? I'm having troubling understanding the correlation between "working on individual samples" and "batch processing."
    What are you trying to accomplish, exactly?


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