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Thread: Trying PT11 With the 30 day Trial

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    Default Trying PT11 With the 30 day Trial

    Loaded nicely, sees and likes my Steinberg interface. Spent a few hours with it this morning. Imported files from one of my projects, just to try out plugins and so on. I also imported some midi files and pointed them at some virtual instruments in PT. The "Mini-Grand" piano sounds pretty nice...nothing stunning.

    The "Boom" drum instrument sucks...for me, because it's all Hip Hop, Dance, House sounds..useless to me. It must be that that's the going thing and so PT accommodates it. I've seen pictures of PT11 where the promo has a screen full of plugins and instruments and there's a pic of a drum kit...I can't find anything like that in the program however.

    Not having a control room feature (like Cubase) is a big downside for me.

    It seems fairly intuitive as far as the things I've tried.

    The mix window, IMO, lacks a lot of cool compared to Cubase's Mix Console.

    It's not for me anyway. I want my son to have the opportunity to learn it, but after seeing how far out front Cubase and Sonar were in the annual comparison that ken posted the other day..I'm not sure this mystical "choice of the Pros" thing is going to last for Pro Tools.

    Going to try and do a fair trial for the 30 days....more to come.
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    Default Re: Trying PT11 With the 30 day Trial

    Good deal Rod. Glad you got it loaded successfully. Give it a thorough going over. Be interested to hear more of your thoughts. From my experience you are spot on as far as how it compares feature wise to other DAWs. Probably will seem a bit spartan feature wise.
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    Default Re: Trying PT11 With the 30 day Trial

    I noticed that the upgrade to PT11 is on sale for $199. Read the fine print.. you have to buy a different dongle for $50.

    I'm done with PT - they give planned obsolescence a new meaning. I have PT10 and I'm sticking with that. I may also get Sonar X3 Producer. I am doing a 30 day trial of that. SO far, I like it.

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