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    Diving deep into this new Cubase! I'm going to do a little more serious review as soon as I know I'm out of the woods with this.

    Meanwhile..I imported all the audio files from a v.5.5.3 project into the new 64 bit program. The 32 bit project was running at about 1.34GB on the Task Manager performance meter....with all kinds of plugins and processing.

    In the v.7 project, just the audio files (same SR and bit depth) 2.2 on the meter...almost a GB more! and no processing! What's up wi'dat? Is that normal in 64bit? Is Cubase 7 64 just a pig by itself?..or do I have some kind of setup issue?

    Everything else seems fine...awesome in

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    Probably pretty normal Rod. Yes, 64-bit apps will take more storage space. Remember, you have doubled the word length (cpu instruction size) from 32-bit to 64-bit. But you have also doubled the size of the instruction being processed in the cpu. So on one hand you take up more physical storage, but your processor is working much more efficiently.

    The actual audio .wav files should take up just about the same amount of storage in the old projects as the new. That part isn't really changing. It is just the programs I believe.
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    I agree with James... Win 7 is a pig as is c7.
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