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Thread: Problem Loading Addictive Drums...

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    Default Problem Loading Addictive Drums...

    Hi Friends,

    I am impressed with Addictive drums, so I went ahead and purchased it as it was a cybermonday sale. I went through all the steps to register and download the software....Opened all the zip files, installed it..etc. When It was done installing I received a message that was not very paraphrase.

    "Your software "May" have not downloaded correctly" there was also a link to click that said "It did download correctly" Like I am supposed to decide????

    Well, I can see an addictive drums folder, and a file to "Uninstall", however no where can I find the program to Launch, and the two hosts I have "Reaper" and "Guitar Tracks Pro" do not recognize it either, however when I loaded Reaper it recognized other VST plug-ins previously installed.

    I have a Laptop running Windows 7 (64 bit) I suspect this may be the problem. The error message did mention something about adjusting settings.

    Does anyone have experience with Addictive Drums in Windows 7, and have you had similar problems that were bypassed? Do I need another Host?? or is Reaper ok. I was looking at Sonar X1 Essential for $99...All I need is a host to edit Tracks and run Plug-ins.

    Any help is much appreciated...I uninstalled and downloaded it several times with no luck, and it is quite frustrating.


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    Default Re: Problem Loading Addictive Drums...

    Not sure what's going on Jeff and I do not have addictive drums, but I've also received the same error message about software programs not installing correctly when in fact the software installed just fine. Assuming it did you might have to create a path to your plugins folder in order for Reaper to recognize it. I'm not sure how to do that in Reaper. I have a license for Reaper but haven't experimented much with it at all. Anyway, make sure your .dll file appears in your VST folder. If it's there try to scan the folder again and see what happens.

    Also... check your Windows programs to make sure the software did install correctly. I guess that should be the first step.

    Good luck...

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    Default Re: Problem Loading Addictive Drums...

    I have AD, but not W7. The people at XLN are very helpful though...give them a try.

    Congrats....and enjoy
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    Default Re: Problem Loading Addictive Drums...

    You may have to have Reaper "rescan for plug-ins" which you can do from the Preferences menu. You could also go to YouTube and search for "Addictive Drums" and I'll bet you find an instructional vid to help. I found one for EZ Drummer that was specific to Reaper that was EXTREMELY helpful. So you may find one specific to AD.
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    Default Re: Problem Loading Addictive Drums...

    Thanks all, Tried scanning for new Plug ins....No Luck. The other Plug Ins show up. ..

    I sent a message to the tech people with addictive drums, hopefully they can help me out...


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