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Thread: Boss BR-900cd Compact Flash Cards

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    Smile Boss BR-900cd Compact Flash Cards

    Hi there everyone,

    I'm not actually a recording musician myself so I hope it's ok to post in here! Basically my partner has a Boss BR-900cd with the standard 256mb compact flash memory card. For some time now he has been wanting more space so I wanted to get him a bigger card as a surprise for fathers' day.

    On the Boss website it says this recording studio is compatible with compact flash cards up to 1gb. This is better but still doesn't seem like a huge amount of space as he often has several projects on the go at once. I wanted to get him something more along the lines of 8gb or 16gb so he never had to worry about having enough room again.

    Just wondered if this 1gb thing is set in stone or whether in reality it's possible to use a higher capacity card. Has anyone else had success in using an 8gb/16gb with this particular piece of equipment?

    Thanks in advance for any help. I just really want to keep this a surprise as I know he'll be thrilled with it!

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    Default Re: Boss BR-900cd Compact Flash Cards

    I know nothing about the Boss BR-900cd, but I did a little bit of searching and found a post on this page by "Nexuslite"

    which would support the idea that the Boss BR-900cd device cannot work with cards larger than 1GB.
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    Default Re: Boss BR-900cd Compact Flash Cards


    Welcome to StudioTracks.

    You are welcome to post here anytime. Thanks for joining us.

    I am not a Boss recorder owner, but I did a Google search to see what I could find. Here is a quote from a review of the unit when it first came out.
    Convenient Compact Flash storage All of your tracks are stored on a Compact Flash card that comes with the BR-900. This card is the type used in many digital cameras. The card that you get is 128MB. The BR-900 will take a card as large as 1 Gig which provides up to 624 minutes of record time (standard mode) in one shot. Compact Flash cards can be bought at any outlet that sells digital gear. You can also buy a Compact Flash card reader for your Mac or PC and use this to back up your recording projects to hard drive (and subsequently to CD-ROM if you like) for archiving.
    Is sounds like the intention is to use the compact flash as a temporary storage unit and then use a Compact Flash card reader attached to your PC to transfer the current song over to a PC for more permanent storage. This is probably a good idea from a security and backup standpoint anyway, since keeping the song data on the unit risks loosing everything if there is a power glitch or someone fat fingers the wrong command and erases or formats the flash card by accident. Believe me, it happens a lot.

    We encourage everyone here to back up often to avoid these types of mistakes. The Boss unit almost insures this with its smaller, portable storage media.

    I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but may help to offer another option. A 1Gb flash card and a card reader. Maybe you could throw in a copy of Reaper software and use that to further mix and master your recordings on the PC. I think it runs around $70 and is a great program for the money.

    Just a thought. Maybe someone else can offer some additional information. Good luck!!!
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    Default Re: Boss BR-900cd Compact Flash Cards

    ....and if 1GB is actually the largest card that can be used, maybe you make your gift consist of two 1GB cards and the card reader for use with a PC, and the DAW software (Reaper or other).

    This might allow swapping of cards in the middle of a recording session (which might work ok if song#1 is no longer being worked on, and they are now recording song#2), and might make it easier to move tracks to a PC from card#1 while recording on card#2 with the Boss unit.

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    Hello to everyone on this site. I only stumbled across this site due to the fact of searching the web for Flash card info.
    I read enough in my initial search to know that this sounded like the kind of site that could help. I have been other sites and forums but they seem to be full of argument and that seemed counter-productive. I hope to record and post my results and success's and mishaps, to help anyone who is in my position or has been. I am applying theory with tech know how, with a combination of tools to try and pull off a CD or two. I hope to meet or read about others like me.
    And to answer the question about the flash cards for the Boss 900.
    1. No they do not take over 1 g
    2. you can not find them in Best buy or walmart or any big box outlet.
    3. I was told to go to a camera store and they should have something similar.
    4. I have two of these units (only 1 has card and is how i found this site) and tend to agree with anyone who uses pedals to get there tone they already have, that being said if you know pedals you will recognize the formats for adjusting the control knobs(Boss has them digitally displayed after pressing a few buttons to acquire the proper screen)
    5. Great to start out on
    thanks again for letting me be a part of something i have been working alone on for years
    if i am forgetting anything please let me know

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    Default Re: Boss BR-900cd Compact Flash Cards

    Yeah, CF cards have pretty much disappeared in the last few years, haven't they? I bought two back when I got my Juno G (only a couple of years ago). I'd like a couple more, but nobody seems to be stocking. I've been told that SD cards are well on their way to being totally replaced by SDHC as well, so if you have a device that can't read SDHC, better stock-up on SD cards pretty quickly.


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    Default Re: Boss BR-900cd Compact Flash Cards

    This issue is a minefield. I've not used compact flash, but have suffered size incompatabilty problems with all my SD devices. I bought a new multi-reader only to find it only takes up to 4G, but never told me that on any of the packaging. Watch out!

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