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Thread: "Battery voltage for Calander is low."

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    computer filing systems use the date of the file as an important organizing component, don't they? since the korg is essentially a computer, storing audio files, wouldn't keeping a correct date/time stamp on your files be fairly essential?

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    I'd be really surprised if it was an integral part of the OP.SYS. There's nothing in the manual that suggests the unit will melt down with out a battery.
    My understanding is that it's just a data date/time stamp which is something I don't ever look at.
    Having said that, most of us are a bit anal about our machines, so if I had that prompt I'd be changing the battery.

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    Hi guys - just for info the battery types # CR2032 are always the same size, as the 2032 refers to 20mm by 3.2mm, so a 2043 is 20mm x 4.3mm

    Of course the mAmp capacity can vary between manufacturers, but the sizes are fixed.

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    It's true that this CR 2032 Lithium cell is only required for calendar and clock operation. I personally appreciate to see which day I've been working on a song for the last time. The D3200 does not provide this feature and starts with every time you switch the power on on January 1st, 2005, 0:00 am.
    But it's also a consideration to remove the empty battery to prevent the unit from leakage even if you don't want to replace it with a new one.
    By the way, I also couldn't get a new one from Sony and installed a Renata instead.
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