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Thread: Can I get a bigger memory in my D8?

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    Default Can I get a bigger memory in my D8?

    I've been happily recording with my D8 but just about used up all the internal memory on the 11 songs I've done in the last couple of weeks.

    I know that the standard storage in the D8 was only something like 1.4GB and that's ridiculously small by comparison with newer models.

    What do I need to enlarge the memory of the D8 and how much should this cost?

    Maybe more relevant is "should I bother or just upgrade to a newer model?"

    I like the D8 and have been happy with it for all these years so I'm loathe to change just for the sake of change.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Cheers, Del

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    Default Re: Can I get a bigger memory in my D8?

    Hi Del-I'd look at trying to get a SCSI hard drive, that you could connect via SCSI rather than change the one that is in the D8.
    Billy E

    May the Force be with you

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    Default Re: Can I get a bigger memory in my D8?

    From D8 yahoo forums:

    Thanks to the info I found on this message board, I was easily able to
    replace my Korg D8's 1.4GB internal hard-drive with a larger 4GB

    It's a relatively simple process:

    (1) Get any standard 4GB laptop 2.5" hard-drive. The original drive in
    my D8 was a Toshiba, but I replaced it with an IBM Travelstar.

    (2) Unplug the Korg D8

    (3) Remove the 3 screws on the edges of the small metal plate found on
    the bottom right front corner.

    (4) Slowly raise the metal plate which has the hard-drive attached
    with 4 screws. BE VERY CAREFUL not to pull too hard on the flat ribbon
    cable which is attached to the hard-drive.

    (5) Gently pull the ribbon cable away from the hard-drive's connector.
    I used a very small flat screwdriver to help pry it away near the
    edges of the connector. There was also a piece of black cloth tape
    covering the connector, which I had to remove first.

    (6) Next, unscrew the hard-drive from the metal plate.

    (7) If your new 4GB hard-drive mounting holes don't align with the
    existing holes on the metal plate, you will need to drill new holes
    into the plate. I used a Dremel Tool to drill my new holes, and it
    worked very well. Make sure you mount the new hard-drive to the metal
    plate in approximately the same location as the old one. I cut out a
    piece of paper the exact size of the drive to use as a stencil, and
    poked holes through the paper where the mounting holes are located on
    the new drive. Then I placed the stencil on the metal plate, and used
    a magic marker to draw dots through the holes in the paper onto the
    metal plate, to mark the location of the new holes.

    (8) Next I covered the original holes in the metal plate with small
    pieces of electrical tape on the side which touches the hard-drive to
    prevent the metal from touching the surface of the drive. I also made
    small "stand-offs" by rolling up several small pieces of electrical
    tape, and sliding them between the hard-drive and the metal plate, so
    the hard-drive would be slightly lifted from the surface of the metal
    plate. To make life easy, I used additional small pieces of electrical
    tape to tape my homemade stand-offs to the metal plate, so they stayed
    in place.

    (9) Next,screw the hard-drive to the metal plate, and carefully
    re-attach the ribbon cable, and replace the cloth tape strip over the

    (10) After your new hard-drive is mounted back inside the D8, power on
    the D8, and it will have a message saying something like "Initialize
    Internal". Hold down the YES-> button (above the large circular knob)
    until the new drive is initialized. It took less than a minute on mine.

    That's it!

    The new drive should now give you approximately 96 minutes of 8 track
    recording, versus 34 minutes from the original drive.

    From what I've read on this message board, a 4gb hard-drive is the
    largest that a D8 can use. Bigger drives will also work, but the D8
    will only recognize them as 4gb drives.

    hope it helps

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    Default Re: Can I get a bigger memory in my D8?

    Thanks, Scorpyo!!
    Billy E

    May the Force be with you

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