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    Hi Folks,

    Welcome to the world of recording/mixing/editing/mastering with a computer! It can be daunting at times, eh?? Especially to newcomers!

    Well, post your question(s) and we'll sure try to help ya! And a way that you can help us, help you, more quickly, let me offer a suggestion..

    Post your computer system specs, either in the body of your message(s) or utilize your "signature" here in the Studiotrax User Profile - User CP - at the top of the page. Include the basics like I and others here have, or go into as much detail as you wish.. Using the "signature" will keep ya from having to type them in with each new topic or comment you post too.. There are SO many different system configuration options out there, this really helps expidite matters!

    Then, tell us some about the project(s) you're working in when you experience glitches like dropouts and freezes and sluggish performance. Like, "I have only two audio tracks and nothing else, no plugs or anything" to "In the project there are a couple dozen audio tracks with 7 VSTi instances and 189 plugins in use.." etc.. Always a good idea to include your soundcard buffer setting and bit depth and sample rate too..

    This is merely a suggestion to help folks with questions and problems get the answers and solutions faster.

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    Very cool sir.....epitomises what the site is all about. Personally I have a knawing albeit back ground desire to take the plunge but intergrate the XD as well. I'm tiring of the editing capabilities but just love the rest. Don't wanna buy another XD to increase the 24 bit thing either so that's another reason . Thinking thinking.

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    I just want to testify. Sid, just to name one has been a blessing to me. You can tell when someone does not mind helping you. These guys (Non gender specific) are great.
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