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Thread: Tascam 488 Mk2

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    Default Tascam 488 Mk2

    Looking for a 488 Mk2. I sold mine a long time ago and Now I would love to hear some of my old recordings and move them over to my d32. Just need the 488 to do this.

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    I did the same thing but still had the Tascam. Check ebay. They're real cheap nowadays. But remember the original belts are getting old now and slippage is common. So keep your eyes peeled for a belt kit too as there's a belt specialist/seller that lists the 488 belt/capstan kits once in awhile. You'll pay about $30 bucks for it shipped. Also keep your eyes peeled for 488's not playing well. You'll see 'em with transport problems. Flutter. Rewind not working etc.. As long as the meter still registers the belt is probably the culprit and I've seen those 488's go for under $50 in that condition!!!!!! Hope this helps. Good luck with your transfers...

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    Does anyone know or remember how to dump all 8 tracks on the 488mkII at once? I had the infor but it resides on dead Dell desktop.
    I got the info a few years back.
    I remember you had to use the inserts the reverb sends the mains perhaps the monitor outs etc.
    I am finally going to transfer to my Korg d3200.
    I saved this article for years knowing I would upgrade eventually.

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    Is this what you are looking for?
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