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Thread: CraigD's Mixoff Critique Thread

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    Hi there,

    I listened to this mix a number of times, there is a clarity / spacing which I like. I like it even more cos you did this with `Reaper` and it tells me this program is certainly capable of handling fairly substantial projects.

    I've read the SOS review and was thinking of purchasing the non-commercial program. Any other insights you can give re reaper, ie easy to use, interface etc?

    The Classic VST are excellent, they do a job don't they?

    Anyway, well done with this mix


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    The only other mix of this song that I've heard was Andy's, so when I say that I didn't care for the vocal effect and the lower volume of the vox it may be because Andy did such a good job with his mix. I really liked his overall mix, vocals and drums. Having said that, I think you did a pretty good job but I'll have to listen to everyone's mix before I know where you excelled on your version.

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