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Thread: M-Audio Users Unite

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    Question for anyone using the ProjectMix I/O:

    I recently got one and am trying to find a way around the monitoring latency. I have set the preferences according to the manual and this minimizes the latency but doesn't eliminte it. Anyone know a way to work aournd this?
    I am going crazy trying to track my bass direct while having to listen to a microsecond delay. Very hard to get in the pocket!

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    'Audiophile 192' here. A simple 4-in, 4-out, Audio Card with Digital I/O and MIDI with USB connection. No trouble with latency or hook-up with Sonar/PC.

    I find the Mixer Control page a little puzzling - but it seems to work in spite of me - which is a very valuable asset.

    I'm toying with the idea of installing a Preamp/Comp from 'Downstairs', (a Universal Audio LA-610 - single channel), but I'm not sure:

    a) How much good it would do in this system? - (with the 'Vintage Channel', and other stuff available) - and,

    b) Where to insert it? (After the keyboard would be nice but then it couldn't be used for soft-synths, loops, or other previously recorded stuff....could it?)

    For monitors, the M-Audio BX5a's sound good. A little muddy on some bass, but that could be me - haven't had time to delve.

    Nice Forum addition, Ron. :SR

    Uh!-Oh! Just noticed this was for stand-alone units. Sorry 'bout that. rr
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    Hey guys! I saw this thread thought I'd start here. Why did M-Audio stop making the Flying cow. I want to use that as an extra two channels for the S/PDIF input of my D3200. Any thoughts to what else I can use that will acomplish the same task for around the same price the flying cow went for?

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    I'm new to the forum, and thought I'd check in here first. I just bought an M-Audio firewire 410 and an Oxygen 49. I haven't even got them installed yet. I was certain I had a firewire card on my pc, but sure enough it's not there, doh. I'll be getting it tomarrow and hooking everything up.

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    A question on M-Audio...
    I am from the planet SASR. I have used an AKAI dps16 for years. I am about to take the plunge into computer based, but don't have a clue how to put it all together. Here's my needs: I will be recording live music at a theater venue. Like a Branson Show. I will tap into the house snake with a 16 or 24 channel splitter and feed those sends to my unit. I found some ART 8 channel splitters for dirt cheap, so buying 3 won't break the bank. I need to get enough preamps to accompany the tracks, so I may be buying 3-8 channel mic preamp units. Now I'm at a loss of how to get those 24 tracks into a computer???? Does a lightpipe or some kind of digital cabling hook into the back of the preamps? If I use 3- 8 channel preamps, do I need 3 digital snakes or 1- 24 channel digital cable and hook up all 24 outputs from the 3 splitters that will then plug into the laptop? Told you I didn't have a clue.

    I'm planning on using Samplitude software since I have some experience using it. I just don't know how it all hooks up. Should I go Mac or PC. How much horsepower do I need for this on the laptop? HELP!

    Please recommend some preamps and other gear I might check into.
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    I love m-audio!!! It's what my studio runs

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    The only M-Audio product I own is a set of studio monitors. They were a pretty good buy.

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    Right now I run a profire 2626 and love it!!!

    26 x 26 simultaneous analog/digital I/O > ideal for project studios

    eight preamps with Octane™ technology > award-winning quality

    flexible on-board DSP mixer > create multiple unique cue mixes

    user-assignable master volume knob > customize your setup

    functions as eight-channel mic pre/eight-channel A/D-D/A converter > standalone operation

    up to 24-bit/192kHz > pristine high-definition digital audio

    JetPLL technology > critically acclaimed jitter elimination

    compatible with major audio software > use Pro Tools*, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Live, and GarageBand
    Building on a legacy of award-winning FireWire audio interfaces, the M-Audio ProFire™ 2626 brings next-generation performance to your PC or Mac host-based recording system. This powerful interface delivers 26 x 26 simultaneous I/O, complete with an onboard DSP mixer sourced from up to 52 audio streams. It features every kind of connection you need—including award-winning Octane™ preamp technology on all eight analog inputs, ADAT, S/PDIF, word clock and MIDI. Critically acclaimed JetPLL jitter elimination technology ensures pristine audio quality and reliable synchronization all the way up to high-definition 24-bit/192kHz resolution. In addition, ProFire 2626 offers easy FireWire connectivity, extremely low latency, dual headphone outputs, front-panel ¼” instrument inputs and standalone operation.

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