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Thread: Who Are We?

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    Smile Re: Who Are We?

    Gosh don't know where to start. I've been singing all my life, writing songs since I was 12, playing piano and organ and synth in bands, and a little bass and guitar too. You've probably never seen or heard me, and at 41, I feel somedays that I missed my opportunity to get my music out there 20 years ago. I work a day job fixing computers and networks and such, and so my evenings and weekends are spent playing with my daughter and writing songs and playing in a band. Right now I'm the organist for IntaDaBluez and our bassist Tankgod told me y'all were righteous dudes, so I thought I'd check this joint out.

    more info on me and my setup at

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    Default Re: Who Are We?

    Hi All,

    I've been lurking for a while, and just recently signed-up for Studio-Trax as a new member... started posting before I introduced myself, so I'll correct that faux pas now (at least briefly):

    I'm Gregg Juke, a producer/arranger/songwriter/musician/educator/writer.
    I've been a drummer (set) since I was a kid (I'm 45 and holding now), but have had some setbacks due to carpal tunnel syndrome. I play Latin and World percussion, Blues Harp, Native American flute, and hack-up/own a guitar and some pretty decent keyboards (until recently, nothing I would have brought out in public, but we lost our keyboard-player awhile back, so now I'm playing keys too; well, I set it up on stage, anyway). I do some music journalism, and my most recent gigs in that area have been with "Drum! Magazine;" I'm one of the hand-percussion product reviewers (they send me cool stuff I get to play with for a month or two for free, I write a story, and then I have to give the cool stuff back).

    I've been recording in all types of studio situations for almost 30 years (have produced, sang, done voice-over work, recorded as a sideman and featured artist, and many years ago I worked in radio), but am only now finally getting around to setting-up my own work environment (I was a partner in a studio a few years back, this ended amicably, but I realized a long time ago that I needed my own place to record and work on others' projects as they come in-- I've been collecting gear for years, but am finally now just about ready... Waiting on a room! I have four kids, and they take precedence, so right now my studio is "mobile/transient," or I still work out of other project studios or commercial facilities).

    My band is called Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars, and we'd love to have you visit the website sometime: (needs an update, but we'll get a roundtuit eventually).

    I'm looking forward to learning what I can from all of the great participants here, and sharing what I can from my years in the trenches.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, God Bless & Good Blues,

    Gregg Juke

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    Default Re: Who Are We?

    Welcome, everybody!!
    Billy E

    May the Force be with you

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    Post Re: Who Are We?

    I'm Darel Santucci - a user of many different digital products over the years. I used to sell the Alesis ADAT and the first HD recorders from Fostex & Yamaha; Yamaha digital mixers like the O2R; products like Joe Meek, Audio-Technica & Audix mics, et cetera - for a very small pro audio shop in Virginia Beach called Studio Street Pro Audio. The prez - Ira White - deserves a good mention here from me, as he taught me everything that I ever learned in my trek from analog to digital.

    Ira also wrote a great book, and it's still published by Hal Leonard - called "Audio Made Easy" - and for people who aren't in the know about what we're into, it is a good read - it simplifies everything, as he made it very easy for newbies to understand. He and I even went to the AES convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, back in 1998. It was a really great experience, working with him, and he is a really great person.

    Before the mid-nineties, I worked full-time in many different touring bands, beginning in 1981. Two I will mention - a group called "Atlantic Avenue" (Beach Music and Top 40, circa 1985-1986); and my current group, "The BoneFish" - Edisto Island's first home-grown band in the Low Country of South Carolina. We - one other original member, Ben Woods, and I - have been flogging this dog for the last twenty years (I still performed with them, even while I was working and living in Virginia Beach). The website is listed in my profile, I do believe.

    I am a user of a Korg D32XD, bought in late '06 - still doing fine, thank goodness. I also use a Hamer Mirage electric guitar with an internally-installed Roland GK setup, as I still have the Roland GR-30 and GR-33 that I use 'live' with the "Boney Ones", as well as record with. It is amazing what you can do with the GR-33 - down to arpeggiating drums, all kinds of craziness. I've got the proverbial mic locker, and scads of Mogami and Monster cables, mic-pres, you know the deal.

    I'm also a keyboard player, and - I play accordion (it was my first instrument, starting back in 1968 - at the age of 6, growing up in Massachusetts). The accordion comes out for my current group's Cajun music - I remember sticking the accordion in the closet when my (**s) descended, as I was already taking piano lessons, and had started taking guitar lessons at the age of 11. Music has been my life.

    My guitar teacher deserves honorable mention, posthumously - Chet Kruley, also known by his real name - Chester Krolewicz - he was the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra's jazz guitar cat - he taught me quite a bit, and he was in his own way like Tal Farlow, another jazz great - he had HUGE hands - a very melodic player (he knew his modes) - and he could be dreadfully fast when needed on Stan Kenton tunes. It was the Polish blood (he was 6' 6"), and he lived right across the street from where I lived, growing up. Talk about convenient. A great man.

    My deceased parents deserve mention, Peter & Iris - growing up with them was the most (Italian) wonderful thing a kid could want. They supported my music, and I remember when we had bought and started using our first 400w PA system - it was mid-70s loud - with 4 Sam Ash speaker columns - my parents had their console Sylvania TV CRANKED up to 11 to compete with us. They never complained. I miss them dearly.

    Well, that about sums it up for me. I hope that I didn't take up too much space. Thank you for providing us fanatics with a wonderful forum and community.

    A special thank you to Ron - he personally responded to my email when I needed assistance with my password. It is really great to see one of the head honchos doing personalized customer service. That alone, speaks volumes. We can all learn from guys like him.

    Faithfully yours,
    Darel Santucci

    "Love & Wonder" - my favorite two words. Love - well, it's the most wonderful (and mysterious) emotion that homo sapiens can experience; Wonder - like when you're young, and everything that you experience is so new and fresh - I love that feeling too, and I try to put those into my craft of choice - the creation of music.

    Be well, everyone :


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    Default Re: Who Are We?

    Welcome aboard Darel! Glad to have ya, Sir!
    i7 970, 12gb, UAD2 Quad x2, FF800, Cubase 7, WaveLab 7

    Chigger Tracks

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    Default Re: Who Are We?

    Beautifull Darel...welcome aboard, may your journey be a sweet one.

    IRS Recorders

    Marshian Projekt @ Sound Cloud

    Music speaks what cannot be said, soothes the mind & gives it rest,
    heals the heart & makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.

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    Default Re: Who Are We?

    my parents had their console Sylvania TV CRANKED up to 11 to compete with us
    Boy that sounds older brothers with one of their many bands in garage while me and my brother cranked up cartoons on the Zenith!

    Welcome...our founders are outstanding people!

    Music is my soul!


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    Cool Re: Who Are We?

    Welcome Darel,
    Glad you found us!! You've already seen what a wonderful resource and family we have here. Also, it's great to see another South Carolinian here!! We're almost neighbors... I'm in the "foothills" of South Carolina... Well when we're not on the road, I am....
    I'll talk to Ya more later. Maybe when we're singing down your way, we can meet.
    Again, Welcome to StudioTrax!!

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    Default Re: Who Are We?

    Welcome Darel!
    Bobby C
    "...That's just my opinion. I could be wrong..."
    Dennis Miller

    Gear: A mic, a mouth...and a Korg D1600Mkll

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    Hi from the UK. I've been lurking these forums for a while now. Tons of interesting information here. Fantastic web site. Definitely goes up to 11 (out of 10).

    Myself, I'm getting back into recording after a hiatus of many years. I've recently built-up a nice home setup using a combination of some of my very old bits of gear, and some marginally less old gear purchased on ebay.

    I've been thinking about posting some of my stuff on here for comments, but a little intimidated since some of the stuff posted is just so good (particularly in terms of musicianship and recording quality). And that's even before you get to the fact that I'm a pretty terrible singer.
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