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How Do I Add Pictures To My Posts?

1. Open an existing post or start a new thread you want to add a picture to.

2. Type in some text to the point where you want to add a picture.

3. Now, use the scroll bar on the right of the page to move down the page and look at the "Additional Options" at the bottom below the text editing page. They are located below the little "Post Icons".

4. In the middle of these options you will see a dark gray button that says "Manage Attachments". Click this button. A new Manage Attachments window opens.

5. You will see a text entry box titled "Upload File from your Computer" and one titled "Upload File from a URL".

6. Click the dark gray button that says Browse located to the right of the entry box titled "Upload File from your Computer".

7. This will bring up a Windows Explorer window if you are on a PC and an equivalent file search box if you are on an Apple Mac.

8. Locate the file (picture) you want to appear in your message.

9. Double click on it and note that the path to the file is filled in for you in the text box to the left.

10. Now click the Upload button to the right of the Browse button. This will upload your picture as an attachment to your message.

Now there is one more step if you want to actually display the picture as part of your post and not just as an attachment.

11. Make sure the cursor is positioned at the point in the message you want the picture to appear.

12. Now click on the small down arrow to the right of the paper clip icon above the text entry window. A drop down box will appear with a list of your attachments for this message.

13. Click on the one you want to insert at this point in the message. You will see the text [Attach]NNN[Attach] appear in your message. This is the text command inserted into your post that displays the picture when the post is saved and the NNN represents the number for your attachment.

14. Click on the Preview Post button at the bottom of the window and you can preview what your post looks like with the picture inserted.

15. Now go back and complete composing your post and hit Submit New Post/Thread at the bottom of the page to save it.

Note: Remember to stay within the picture/file size limits shown in the Manage File Attachments window.

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