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  12. A little confused
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  14. Deleting sections of a track or song
  15. Can the D888 create subfolders inside D888SONG
  16. Just a question
  17. Trim Levels
  19. need your opinions/recommendations
  20. Sound on Sound review
  21. First impressions
  22. Question for D888 owners, delay time after hitting the stop button
  23. Sound System Interconnection - Fantastic Information
  24. Disk too busy error
  25. can you help me im new
  26. live gig in less than an hour
  27. Ive got a recording what next ?
  28. how do i let you hear what i have recorded
  29. D888 Bounce Recording
  30. D888 and Computer.......
  31. Best FREE Editor to use with 888?
  32. D888 As Live Sound Mixer
  33. Which compressor?
  34. Playback Volume Not Responding
  35. Start point/end point editing?
  36. Mastered tracks saved to PC w/ USB vs. "live"
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  38. Shutdown Prob/Device Driver?
  39. Master volume always starts at maximum
  40. Mixer - D888 or both???
  41. Importing Songs to record over?? Help!
  42. Software Update?
  43. COM800 Compressor w/D888?
  44. D888 Bounce Problem
  45. Regarding "working" and other stuff
  46. Recording "Master Track" from part of a song.
  47. Start up problem
  48. effects that are saved
  49. Reverb Issues
  50. Am I the only one...
  51. D888 Output Question...
  52. Install a DAW on your D888
  53. D888 used for concert recording and live radio mixing
  54. Compress files to archive them
  55. How to copy mixer settings from one song to another
  56. Files successfully recovered after power cut
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  58. Can't hear all recorded tracks
  59. Recording tracks
  60. Need Help Importing Files
  61. Synching Up Korg Click Track With Software Drums
  62. Would you buy it again???
  63. Auto Punch Recording, problem.
  64. Linking up two D888?
  65. MIxing problems..
  66. D888 1Hz noise
  67. D888 Software Update?
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  69. Mic preamps used w/ D888
  70. Converting FAT32 to NTFS
  71. Arranging songs in D888
  72. Happy Holidays!!!
  73. hard disk frozen or crashed or something
  74. power cable
  75. Should I take a (third) chance?
  76. Looping
  77. Editing with Audacity & Importing/Exporting
  78. Questions from a newbie
  79. Basic Problems - please help
  80. Synchronisation of multiple D888 or other recorders
  81. D888 Stereo/Mono
  82. My Imac(intel Chip OS X) doesn't see my D888
  83. Length of recording?
  84. Bouncing Behaviour -Manual is not clear
  85. new owner of d888 / monitor overdub prob
  86. Windows editor for D-888 tracks?
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  88. looking for a copy of the demo song
  89. Faulty D888????????????
  90. D888 Phantom power noise issue
  91. Fader problem
  92. internal/external bounce??
  93. d888 for backing tracks live
  94. Korg D-888 Mastering Problems
  95. cant turn the thing on!
  96. Erases tracks & songs.....
  97. Channel input while playing Master track
  98. USB probelm.
  99. Stereo Drums?
  100. export
  101. Panning and software problems
  102. Syncing to D888
  103. USB Question
  104. sync d888 with tascam 424mkIII
  105. Record Final Master from Mark?
  106. multi tracking problems
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  108. D888 as a live sound mixer
  109. Midi controller?
  110. thinking of getting a d888
  111. Noisy channels - fault or "feature"?
  112. Software Update?
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  114. D888 preamp tests indicate fine performance
  115. Create songs
  116. Can use some help in my journey....
  117. ez drummer in d888
  118. putting effects on tracks
  119. HELP! D888 "Powerup Error"
  120. effects if d888
  121. A/D Converters? -- help!
  122. My recordings
  123. getting the count off a song for mixdown
  124. D888 track level assign help
  125. Disk Busy Error
  126. importing into korg from cubase
  127. D888 volume off till I hit a fader - then it snaps back.
  128. 24 bit???
  129. d-888 channel designation strips
  130. A little help please
  131. Changing the songlist
  132. Can the D888 be used as a "split console"
  133. korg D888. HELP! w click track(please)
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  135. vista 64
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  138. Mixing Microphones
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  140. Backing up D888 hard drive
  141. BounceRecording
  142. Extreme Newbie D888 setup
  143. Midi Question- D888 wont control other unit
  144. Effects arn't on tracks when transferring to PC need help
  145. Sharing Wav Files
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  147. korg
  148. Problem importing WAV files from D888 into Cubase
  149. D888 as a home recording unit, possibly with DAW computer software
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  151. drum track from cubase into one track on korg
  152. I can't find .wav file imported from computer!
  153. HD Noise when recording
  154. "Microphonic" connectors
  155. How do I use an EXTERNAL EFFECTS UNIT send/return?
  156. Re-recording
  157. Sting - It's probably me
  158. editing the count off a song
  159. uploading files to D888
  160. D888 - lost channels 3-8 in headphones HELP
  161. Can you swap out the Hard Drive in the D888?
  162. headphones
  163. Capturing live performances with the D888
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  165. d888
  166. Korg D888 Adding songs
  167. downloading into cubase
  168. Can a D888 be synced to a D3200?
  169. "Song Order" Issue
  170. Warm up the input with a pre-amp?
  171. Multiple drum track wav transfer into acid pro 7
  172. Phantom power with dynamic mics
  173. Cubase vrs. everything else
  174. cubase
  175. Phase invert while recording drums
  176. KORG PS-1
  177. D888 with Garageband
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  187. Stero input into one channel?
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  189. D888 Service Manual
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  191. I can see the sound but I can't hear it.
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  195. working with korg and cubase
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  200. make a cd
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  202. Copying tracks
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