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  1. SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hey someone, let's collaborate!
  3. New Song Needs Real Drums
  4. Poems/hymn texts to 'O Danny Boy/Londonderry Air'
  5. Ron and Riff, coming SOON!!
  6. End=Beginning....
  7. Guitarist Needed!
  8. Vocals Offered..."Amazing Grace"
  9. Lyrics needing music
  10. an invitation to help out
  11. A Full StudioTrax Collaboration? Thoughts?
  12. The Spoken Word - Need Help!
  13. to expand on Ken's tread
  14. High Male Voice needed!
  15. Driving
  16. This is a recording website, right?
  17. HHmmm
  18. Folksinger has written a tune for TénTréé's song that need music
  20. TenTree Blues (ok Annie, I'll play :) )
  21. Folksinger seeking brave male voice to sing her melody with TénTréé's lyrics.
  22. TenTree's Song
  23. Online Collaboration
  24. Carry On
  25. Pro Drummer here
  26. Lyrics looking for Music(country or blues)
  27. My Daddy's Little Green Beret
  28. Carry On
  29. Another Military Song?
  30. Melody in need of lyrics
  31. The Call
  32. Come Around
  33. My Dream(was you) In progress....
  34. If I Would, If I Could
  35. I Love You, I Miss You(Terri's Song)
  36. Suncook NH songwriter/guitarist looking for
  37. You Never Told Me(Good-Bye)
  38. Wedding Song...With This Ring(needs help)
  39. Is It Any Wonder?(looking for help)
  40. Someday Soon(Truckers Song)
  41. Looking for someone to mix this
  42. Follow Your Dreams(looking for Collab.)
  43. Not yet named
  44. Old San Antonio (In progress) coments welcomed
  45. I'll Still Be Here...Looking for Collab
  46. Out Of Time
  47. How do the collabs work?
  48. Wasted
  49. Accordionist/pedal steel here...
  50. Dreamer with Stephen Foster
  51. Blues shuffle cover needs bass/leads
  52. COLLAB - "Pink Panther"-esque Horn Segment
  53. Hero's
  54. Transatlantic recording...
  55. Any rock singers with lyrics?
  56. May I please get your thoughts...
  57. jam live over the web
  58. Anyone want to co-write with me?
  59. Lets write a lyric and then...
  60. need a singer
  61. Looking for a Pianist...
  62. Annie's Dream re-made,re-recorded
  63. Could I interest anyone in laying down a guitar track?
  64. Looking for a drummer
  65. A Thank You to My S.T. Supporters
  66. Looking for a few good women
  67. Got real drums?
  68. Mewsician2- Say No More-Aug.09
  69. Collab Opportunity
  70. Need a little bit of a hand. Takers?
  71. Soundscape needs textures
  72. Dark White Shadows Tribute to Dimebag.
  73. Mewsician2 Sept. OSAM Goin' Uptown
  74. Jay's Sept SAM--I know a place
  76. Any keyboard players?
  77. Singer
  78. Need B3 and nylon string guit.....
  79. Song
  80. Queesland Flood Online Event
  81. Vocalist Needed
  82. any drummers want to play on a song?
  83. Any Fiddle Players Here?
  84. R&B Ballad seeks female vocalist
  85. Needing guitarists, a vocalist, and a drummer...
  86. Need A Singer
  87. Looking for Collaborator for Contemporary Gospel Song!
  88. Possible Charity Christmas Project for 2013
  89. Need A REAL Piano Player
  90. Desperatley Seeking Lyrics
  91. Sax Player?
  92. Any Frankie Vallie Impersonators?
  93. heard of a man
  94. Are there any Fiddle Players here?
  95. Piano Player Wanted...
  96. Collaboration
  97. Vocalist needed!