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  1. vocals
  4. CASE FOR THE D1600
  5. Any Vocal Booth Plans Online?
  6. Recording high school choir
  7. Compression Settings
  8. Listening sessions
  9. Good vocal recording
  10. Harmony Generators
  11. echo or reverb on vocal
  12. staying in key
  13. Motown vocal recording techniques
  14. AT3035 Condenser Mic
  15. vocally challenged
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  17. antares vocal producer
  18. auto-tune question
  19. auto-tune question
  20. Antares Auto-Tune DX Plug-In
  21. Mic placement for recording vocals
  22. Which microphone side?
  23. Recording: Effects VS. No Effects
  24. Mouth Sounds
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  26. multi effects processor
  27. Vocals in the MIX?
  28. Vocals thru ART preamp
  29. Recording a Church Choir
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  31. Still need vocal help!!!!!!
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  33. Basic vocal recording
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  38. JoeMeek 3Q users help requested.
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  40. vocal remedies
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  44. Electronic Pitch Correction
  45. Final Mix down effect
  46. brick wall limiter
  47. Coming soon, to a studio near you!!!
  48. pitch shifting.
  49. Trying to get that sound...
  50. Hi Damp?
  51. Disturbed vocals
  52. Ozzy Setings.
  53. Easy does it then WHOW!!
  54. De-essers
  55. which order, does it matter?
  56. Behringer Ultravoice settings
  57. pitch correction
  58. Record without effects
  59. Vocal Training Help...Voice out of Shape
  60. ASHLY stereo compressor limiters
  61. Antares Vocal Producer
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  63. Poison Drinker...
  64. De-Essing & Compression
  65. Helicon voice processor
  66. Recomendations for a wireless Tie clip mic
  67. vocal high note
  68. help for singers
  69. Try this technique for HUGE VOCAL sound!!
  70. Recording Harmonies
  71. May sound crazy...
  72. Vocal Multi
  73. Antares vs VoiceWorks
  74. New tune needs a Gospel Choir, BUT.....
  75. Vocals Help
  76. Help With Backup Vocals
  77. Dear keyfreak
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  79. My God, is this for real???
  80. I love this-!!
  81. super bowl Billy Joel
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  83. Creating a Vocal Choir
  84. Giving a nod to getting older...
  85. Legal question
  86. Vocal effect on Cher's "Believe"
  87. Vocal distortion is KILLING ME
  88. Portable Vocal booths
  89. Understanding Autotune & pitch correction
  90. Anyone familiar with recording Hindu vox?
  91. Riff's Reverb Advice Requested
  92. How much verb is enough?
  93. Vocal Percussion
  94. double tracking/ADT
  95. OK - The dreaded Pre-Amp question.
  96. Pre-amp - and the decision is in!
  97. SYMETRIX 528 channel strip
  98. Zoom RFX-300 Live Voice Proccesor
  99. Proper EQ Settings for Vintech Pre-Amp?
  100. Vox revolution
  101. Silky Vocals
  102. Live Vocal Effects
  103. 2nd Session Punches
  104. Antares, Melodyne, and the rest...
  105. headphone positons when tracking vocals....
  106. Monitoring Vocals With Reverb
  107. Presonus Eureka preamp any good?
  108. ART Pro Channel any good
  109. Layering your vocals
  110. Getting ready to do another soloist....Tell me some tricks?!!
  111. Art Pro MPA Gold 2 Channel Microphone Preamp
  112. How To Sing?
  113. I was knocked out by these kids
  114. 60 Cycle Hum in Mic?
  115. Free Vyzor editors for Helicon Products
  116. How to bypass mixer's preamps
  117. How to tell where noise is coming from?
  118. Great Read - Emotional Dynamic Response For Vocals...
  119. Who is singing in the control room?
  120. SATB
  121. Excellent Read On Recording Vocals
  122. are there "typical" vocal effect settings or just use my ears?
  123. is there much difference between a keyboard controller and just a keyboard (both have
  124. recording vocals: record each lyric line by line aka overdubbing?
  125. what kind of vocal effects are used to create "goth rock" vocals?
  126. who's familiar with vocal generator softwares?
  127. what does it mean when a singer sang through a filter?
  128. is the "chorus" effect used on most of choruses of the vocals?
  129. Pitch Processors
  130. Mini vocal booth/box
  131. Noise gate BEFORE compressor?
  132. how to record hip hop vocals?
  133. Sounds like your speaker is turned on full volume when recording vocals?
  134. Why or is it just me?
  135. Custom vocal booth
  136. phase tube sound vocal
  137. VOCODER
  138. Vocal Mic Comparison Request
  139. Mic proximity to reduce room noise and...
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  141. Great vocal sound!
  142. Comp/Limiter Settings for Spoken Word
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  144. I need help from my ST friends
  145. Anyone want to hear the space oddity vox warts and all ?
  146. 'Major Tom' isolated vox.
  147. Little Wing isolated vox/guit
  148. Stevie Wonder isolated vox
  149. Recording Acoustic and Vocals at Same Time
  150. Rob Plant ISO. Zep 2
  151. led Zep
  152. Impact of Mic Preamps, Compressors, Other Vox Chain Gear
  153. Vocal Booths Yes Or Vocal Booths No?
  154. A top audio engineer explains NPR?s signature sound