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Our site is unique as it is an international group of positive, friendly musicians and recording engineers who are willing to share their expertise.  We  moderate this forum to ensure that the climate remains friendly and productive. We know that you will enjoy your interaction with the friendly and supportive members we have from all over the world. 

If you feel that you gain value from this site, please make a donation to help defray our operating costs!  Click on PayPal donations link button below, or in the Link List in the top navigational bar.

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To register as a member, you must enter a valid email id, and respond to an automatically generated email sent from StudioTrax as verification. If you use AOL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO or any other free email, be certain that they do not tag StudioTrax email as "spam", otherwise you will not be able to successfully register.

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Although our website is moderated and entirely wholesome in content, it is our desire to protect the privacy of children. We, therefore, do not allow anyone under the age of 13 to become members of our website. By accepting our registration agreement, you are confirming your age to be 13 or older. Click here to view our privacy policy.


This site, formerly known as, has been totally re-designed. The evolution of our members knowledge has resulted in a broader treatment of the recording disciplines than the original focus on Korg. To that end, our offerings and forums have been broadened to more closely meet the needs of our members and is, in effect, a portal for recording technology knowledge. In addition, our forums have been migrated to vBulletin, a modern and robust bulletin board product.

If you are a new member, simply click the "Register" button on the mainpage and follow the instructions.
If you are a returning member, and it is your first time in the new forum, you will need to request a new password. This is a simple process. Just go to the forums and try to log in with your old password. It will prompt you to request a reset. It is very simple. You MUST have a valid email address registered in your profile, or this will not work. In this case, you will have to request a new member profile.

We hope that you enjoy the new look and feel of StudioTrax.Net and all of the new and enhanced features now available.

Ron Caruana & Billy Edwards



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