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Studiotrax Closing in September 2015

Dear Members, Moderators and Adminstrators,

Over 13 years ago we set up this site, and it has evolved from a Korg recorder advice site, to a robust recording site that covers a wide array of topics. Many of us have also become great friends.

Over the last few years, participation and members have been dropping off, leading us to believe that we have accomplished our mission. There are many other recording information sites available, and we have become somewhat redundant in the information we cover. We have largely been a social site most recently.

The work that goes into managing the site is demanding and time consuming. Recently, we updated our forum software, but it is still in need of a good deal of work. Protecting the site against spam attacks is a daily effort for Billy and Ron, and the site moderators. The amount of work that is required is beginning to exceed our capacity to deliver.

In evaluating all of these facts, we have decided to close down the site in September of this year. We will be keeping the Studiotrax Facebook group open so that we may continue to communicate. It will be a great deal easier on all of us that currently manage the site. 

If you have not already done so, please join the Studiotrax Facebook group at this link: and help us to get our good members to do the same. Any member can add another at the FB page.

Building and managing our site has been a labor of love, and we leave a legacy of excellence. We can all look back at the site and be proud of what we have done. 

As of June 24, 2015, we are no longer accepting new members on the website. Interested parties might wish to check the Facebook group.

Thank you for your loyalty and dedication for all of these years. You are the best, and it has been our honor to work together with you on the site. 

Please DO become part of the FB site if you have not already. We do not want to lose touch.


Ron Caruana & Billy Edwards



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